HAYES: “Senator, I want to ask you about some news that you’ve been involved recently that you’ve been involved and your wife, about you retaining counsel in an investigation that’s been ongoing, an FBI investigation of the now defunct college that your wife was the president of, Burlington College. There’s some serious allegations. You have counsel, obviously, and I know you said this is politically motivated, but I do want to ask you on the record, face to face, the most serious allegation is that you improperly used your office to help secure financing for loans for Burlington College. I want to ask you on the record if that’s true.”
SANDERS: “Do you know where that allegation came from? That allegation came from the vice chairman of the Vermont Republican Party and Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign state director. That is an absolute lie. But that’s what you expect from the Trump Administration and people associated with Donald Trump. These people do not choose to debate the real issues facing the American people, whether it is the disastrous health care bill, climate change, whether it is their attack on women’s rights or so many other issues. The way they think they can win elections — by the way, there was an article today, I think it was in The Hill magazine, where the Republican National Committee, not even the Vermont Republican Party, was kind of goading and pushing the Vermont media to talk more about this issue. That’s what they are into. But it’s not only public officials and candidates, it is even family members and children. That is just beyond the pale.”