New crime statistics released by the NYPD indicate that 2015 has seen a rise in both murders and shootings in NYC, a fact which directly contradicts liberal claims that Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act has made people safer wsus server updates erneut herunterladen.

NY1 reports that during the first two months of the year, there had been 54 documented murders in 2015 compared to 45 last year, an increase of 20% samsung easy print manager herunterladen.    Additionally, there were 170 reported shooting victims compared to 140 this time last year, an increase of over 21%.

Further, this Compstat report from the NYPD shows that as of the week ending on the 22nd of February, murders and shootings have been on the rise as compared to two years ago – roughly when the SAFE Act was enacted qt creator herunterladen.

The report shows that the 2-year difference in murders is +4.3%, while shooting incidents have risen 4.5%.

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Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, released a statement on the findings:

New statistics released by the NYPD showing an increase in homicides and shootings are more proof that gun control and the so-called SAFE Act has not made New York City any safer elster for free.

“Elected officials from the Governor on down touted the supposed benefits to public safety the SAFE Act would bring,”NYSRPA President Tom King said gpx passed download op garmin. “The gun control lobby followed them up with unsubstantiated claims a lazy media did not bother to investigate. Yet when the facts come out disproving their assertions, both the politicians and antigun lobbyists are silent.”

King concluded, “Here’s my suggestion to the New York media: Track down all those SAFE supporters and ask them, in light of the evidence, to justify their position.”

Police union president Ed Mullins last month cited the city’s departure from a stop-and-frisk policy as another reason for increased crime xbox spiele downloaden.

Mullins said that police are being handcuffed by the federal court ruling against ‘stop and frisk’, which makes it significantly easier for criminals to sue police officers over perceived racial profiling springerlink complete book.

The atmosphere is, ‘We’re going to do what we want,’ that ‘We’re going to get away with it,’ ” said Mullins.