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What This Russian Hockey Player Does to Her American Opponent Is Shocking

The World Selects Invitational tournament took an ugly turn when a hockey player for the Spartak Moscow swung her stick and landed a direct blow to the head of her American opponent last week.

The victim of the high-sticking incident was Hannah Bates, a Michigan native playing for the U16 West Coast Selects.

Watch the vicious shot below…

The video was posted to YouTube by Kalli Bates who credits her grandmother. Bates describes the scene shown in the video…

This was a round robin game between West Coast Selects and Spartak (from Moscow, Russia) that WCS ended up winning 2-1.

The play happened with about three minutes left when the American player from WCS went down low and came out of the corner to take a shot that the goalie saved. When she started skating away, the defenseman two-hand slashed her to the lower back which is why she’s on one knee at the start of the video.

As she was getting up, that’s when the video starts.

The Russian player was thrown out of the tournament and had done the same thing to a Swedish player last year, but I’m not sure where the video is.

The player that got hit did not play the rest of that game but returned for the remaining four games of the tournament. West Coast Selects went on to beat Spartak again 4-2 in the semifinal and beat Sweden 2-1 in a shootout to win the championship for the third year in a row.

Indeed, the West Coast Selects went on to take gold in the U16 division, beating Spartak Moscow along the way in a semi-final matchup, 4-2.

Bates showed a sense of humor when she tweeted props to the company Warrior, for making “Russian proof helmets.”

The Russian player was suspended indefinitely following the incident.

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