Alleged comedienne and former host of ‘The View,’ Rosie O’Donnell, made the bizarre claim that the federal government is operating “over 100,000” concentration camps in every state herunterladen.

It’s like she saw the stupidity that came out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mouth and decided ‘you know what, I need to get a piece of that action.’

O’Donnell, a notoriously anti-Trump member of the Hollywood left, first asserted that legal scholars have determined Ocasio-Cortez’ assessment of these camps is, in fact, true chromecast herunterladen kostenlos.

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“Legitimate scholars who study genocide say, yes, these are, in fact, the criteria for concentration camps,” she said.

While some self-proclaimed ‘scholars’ have come out in her defense, A) Their credentials have been vague and B) Those who have studied the Holocaust in-depth have denounced leftists making this comparison, even offering them an education on the topic emergency free full version. So, let’s do away with this ‘random leftist at liberal university says’ nonsense.

Her Numbers Are a Bit Off

“There are over 100,000 camps in nearly every state,” O’Donnell continued without evidence herunterladen. “There’s between 10,000 and 13,000 children, that could fill Radio City Music Hall twice. That’s how many children unaccompanied alone in these camps.”

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Why not just go the Dr capture one express sony download kostenlos. Evil route and make up a number? Perhaps there are eleventy billion concentration camps on every street corner. ZOMG!

Even the far-left organization, Freedom for Immigrants, reports that there are 200 so-called “immigrant prisons and jails” operating in the United States video on iphone. While that data is from 2018, we find it highly unlikely that the number of holding facilities to process illegals has exploded by over 25,000 times.

She Lies videodatei herunterladen!

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It’s remarkable to hear O’Donnell completely concoct numbers out of the blue and flat-out lie just to make President Trump look bad linux kostenloser download. And by remarkable, we mean completely expected.

Still, this is the same woman who recently claimed the President is a “lying dope.”


Poor, poor Rosie von der dropbox herunterladen.

Early on in his tenure, O’Donnell declared she might not be able to “live through” Trump’s presidency icons herunterladen free. We’re guessing that as she continues to fabricate wild lies and her mental faculties deteriorate as the days go on, those prospects aren’t exactly improving.

Oh well, she’s always got that sing-along idea going for her.

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