Romney Uses Campaign Bus to Provide Supplies to Storm Ravaged Areas, Obama Asks People to Work Phone Banks

A tale of two campaigns…

Via The Hill:

Mitt Romney’s campaign has sent its bus to collect and distribute donated supplies for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, aides said Monday.

Romney was originally slated to campaign over the weekend in Virginia, but canceled plans there and joined running mate Paul Ryan in Ohio. Curt Cashour, Romney’s Virginia communications director, tweeted Monday that the campaign bus will instead be used to transport basic supplies to local storm-relief centers. 

Contrast that with this, via Fox Nation:

The Obama campaign sent out emails Sunday encouraging its volunteers to “phonebank” from Annapolis, Maryland on Monday at 5:30 PM.

The worst part of Hurricane Sandy is supposed to be hitting the region around that time.

From the email a tipster sent in:

From: Jeremy Bird, [mailto:[email protected]

Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 4:00 PM

To: Jennifer 

Subject: Hey Jennifer, pitch in for Virginia this Monday

Jennifer — 

This past week, President Obama visited eight states in two days on his America Forward! tour. He hardly slept, he talked himself hoarse, and he was constantly on the move. 

He knows, just like you and I do, that what matters most in the last days of this election is what we do on the ground: The voters we talk to. The issues we discuss. Every step we take to help get people to the polls for President Obama and other Democrats.

Folks in Annapolis are getting together on Monday to make some phone calls into Virginia.

Can you make it?

What: Phone bank in Annapolis

Where: 47 Spa Road

Annapolis, MD 21401

When: Monday, October 29th

Shifts start at 5:30 pm

Or check out all of the phone banks near you.


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