Romney: Cuomo Just Another ‘Typical Corrupt New York Politician’

Mitt Romney issued a fundraising e-mail earlier this week for Republican candidate for governor, Rob Astorino, referring to Andrew Cuomo as “a typical corrupt New York politician.”

Via the Wall Street Journal:

“The difference between Andrew Cuomo and Rob Astorino is astounding,” Mr. Romney wrote in a letter distributed Monday to prospective Astorino campaign donors.

“Mr. Cuomo, a typical corrupt New York politician, is trying to sell his story that ‘New York is open for business’ by using millions of taxpayer dollars to fund his ludicrous Start-Up New York campaign,” he wrote, referring to a Cuomo administration economic-development program.

Cuomo has been dogged by scandal and his administration under federal investigation for unethically interfering with an ethics panel he created.

Romney joins other notable Republicans in aiding Astorino’s campaign, including Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Bobby Jindal.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie has remained silent on the race, other than calling Rob Astorino’s campaign a “lost cause.” Christie is the head of the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA), a group who lists it’s primary mission as helping “elect Republicans to governorships throughout the nation.”

Peter Roff at U.S. News & World Report adds the following layer to the lack of support coming from the RGA – three major consultants who also run “a well-heeled and well-funded group called ‘Republicans for Cuomo.’”

There’s little doubt Christie’s consultants are helping drive the decision-making process. It’s what consultants do. Interestingly enough though, one of the consultants closest to the New Jersey governor – Mike DuHaime – is a former managing partner at a firm called Mercury Public Affairs, which, Kerry Pickett recently reported for’s Big-Government, “has been paid $246k in consulting fees by the RGA since December of 2013.”

DuHaime has quite a pedigree. As chief strategist, he guided Christie to victory in his first race for governor. And he headed up former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 presidential bid – which probably has nothing to do with the fact that Giuliani, who could be a tremendous help to Astorino, recently began telling people he would not make an endorsement in the New York governor’s race. On the surface that’s not such a big deal. Consultants at the top of the game tend to attract high profile candidates – and husband that resource as best they can for as long as they can.

What might be a big deal is that three other Mercury partners – Mike McKeon, Tom Doherty and Kieran Mahoney (who all at one time or another worked for former New York GOP Gov. George Pataki) – are, according to well-placed GOP insiders in New York, running a well-heeled and well-funded group called “Republicans for Cuomo.”

So, to break it down you have, within the same firm, money coming in from the RGA to help elect Republicans to governorships across the country, the chief strategist for the RGA chairman, and three partners said be overseeing an effort to re-elect a Democratic governor in Albany. To call that merely curious is an understatement.

While Christie is stabbing Astorino in the back and refusing to discuss the Moreland scandal, feel free to watch this video regarding Morelandgate, a montage of intense media coverage of the corruption.

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