In an exclusive interview with The Political Insider, former adviser to the President and long-time Republican operative Roger Stone, said he believes Donald Trump Jr. “could be targeted” for indictment.

Recent reports have suggested that the President’s son has expressed concerns over the matter. Earlier this month, Politico reported that Trump Jr. “has told friends in recent weeks that he believes he could be indicted.”

Stone has previsouly expressed the sentiment that Robert Mueller would indict Trump Jr., stating that “the special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump Jr. with lying to the FBI.”

He would add that any indictment, as many others who have been charged by Mueller, would have little to do with Russia or the collusion witch hunt.

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“Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting,” Stone pointed out.

Does He Feel the Same?

The Insider interviewer, James, asked Stone point blank, “Do you think an indictment is coming for (Trump Jr.)?”

Stone claims there are “two potential areas of vunerability” for the President’s son.

“Today’s papers report that Mueller’s investigators hammered Paul Manafort over the question of whether Donald Trump Jr. told his father about the Trump Tower meeting,” he explained.

That meeting, held in June of 2016, involved Trump Jr., Manafort, the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and a Russian attorney linked to the Kremlin.

The renewed interest “leads me to believe Donald Trump Jr. … could be targeted,” Stone said, “for allegedly lying to investigators.”

A New Possibility

Aside from that, Stone fleshed out another scenario that could run Trump Jr. afoul with the Special Counsel – the infamous payment of $130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels from the President’s then-personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Stone notes that the reimbursement of those funds to Cohen “requires two signatures of approval.”

“One of them, of course, would be Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization, who has already become a cooperating witness for Mr. Mueller,” he said. “But the other one has to be either Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump.”

If Mueller were to argue that the payment constitutes a violation of federal campaign finance law, then Stone believes Trump Jr. “could conceivably be in trouble for that.”

Still Nothing on Russian Collusion

Stone, who himself has been mentioned as a possible target of the Mueller investigation, notes that neither of these aforementioned “areas of vulnerability” involve Russia, collusion, or election meddling by Vladimir Putin and/or President Trump.

“I thought this was about Russian collusion,” he deadpanned. “Suddenly it seems to be about perjury traps.”

“No one who has pled, has pled to anything remotely connected to Russian collusion … these have all been process crimes.”

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