Reverend at Mayor’s Inauguration Calls NYC a “Plantation”

Shocking, that a far-left mayor would have a far-left reverend pull out the race card during his inauguration, amirite?

Not only did Reverend Fred Lucas Jr. refer to the city as a plantation, he compared Bill de Blasio’s inauguration to the Emancipation Proclamation, calling forth “the trumpets of heaven” to guide the mayor in emancipating New Yorkers from their “shackles.”

Via The Blaze:

One speaker, Reverend Fred Lucas Jr., used his time speaking to slam the country for its “racial inequality, at one point referring to New York City as a “plantation.”

“Sound forth the trumpets of heaven proclaiming a new Emancipation Proclamation in New York City,” the reverend said. “For your divine leadership, emancipate every New Yorker from the shackles of fear, futility, and frustration.”

“Help us to be mastered by only the masters of love and compassion,” he continued. “Let integrity never stand on the auction block or be sold to the highest bidder,” he added. “Free us from the shackles of partisan politics, political correctness, and personal egos and agendas.”

Watch the video below…

Reverend Lucas wasn’t the only one to play racial politics at the event.  Harry Belafonte decried the racial inequality in the city’s prison systems, while former President Bill Clinton spoke not only of New York City’s lack of income equality, but the inequality of the entire nation.

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