Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel: You Deal with Terrorists by Leaving behind Their ‘Crying Widows’

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Fox News contributor Ralph Peters is back at it again, offering what may be the best advice you’ll ever hear on how to deal with terrorists.

Peters once famously explained that the only way to deal with radical Islamic terrorists is to “kill them, keep on killing them until you kill the last one, then you kill his pet goat.”

Once again he doesn’t hold back, explaining that the only way to deal with terrorists such as those involved in the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre is to “exterminate them.”

Peters added, “you leave behind smoking ruins and crying widows.”

Watch the incredible commentary below…

Via Fox News Insider:

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters tonight gave a detailed plan to Bill O’Reilly on how he would fight terror.

“One: You accept that you are in a war. Two: You name the enemy, Islamist terrorists. Three: You get the lawyers off the battlefield […] you accept there will be collateral damage and you do not apologize for it. You do not nation build, you don’t try to hold ground. You go wherever in the world the terrorists are and you kill them, you do your best to exterminate them, and then you leave, and you leave behind smoking ruins and crying widows. If in five or 10 years, they reconstitute and you gotta go back, you go back and do the same thing, and you never, never, never send American troops into a war you don’t mean to win,” Peters said.

Col. David Hunt said that there must be economic pressure in addition to the military campaign that Peters detailed. Hunt said that just killing terrorists has not worked.

“Killing them is the only thing that works,” Peters fired back.

Perhaps, if President Obama can ever find a way to grow a spine when it comes to dealing with terrorists, he will heed the Colonel’s advice.

Share your thoughts on the plan to leave ‘smoking ruins and crying widows’ below.

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