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Resurfaced Video: London’s Muslim Mayor Normalizes Terrorism

Earlier this week, a terrorist attack outside of Parliament in the UK claimed the lives of five people and injured over 40.

The attacker used a Hyundai 4×4 to mow down pedestrians over Westminster Bridge, then got into the grounds of Parliament where he stabbed and killed a police officer who had served for over 15 years protecting the people.

That police officer has since been identified as Keith Palmer.

Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, expressed his condolences on social media:


Several hours after the attack, Khan issued a statement saying “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.”


Perhaps it’s his words prior to the terrorist attack that should get the most attention, however. In September, Khan happened to be in New York City when Ahmad Rahami left bombs in Midtown as well as Seaside Park, N.J.

He explained that bomb threats and attacks on innocent civilians are “part and parcel of life in a big city.”


The Evening Standard reported:

Mr Khan, who is expected to meet New York mayor Bill de Blasio later today at an event with Muslim community leaders, said attacks were “part and parcel” of life in a big city.

“It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things,” he said.

“That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities, it means the security services being ready, but also it means exchanging ideas and best practice.”

He added: “I’ve had a sleepless night thinking about all of this and I’m sure the Mayor has as well.”

Critics were quick to remind Khan of his dismissive shoulder shrug on terrorism, with Donald Trump Jr. being the most noticeable.


Brexit leader Nigel Farage also blasted Khan, saying “I don’t want these things ever to be part and parcel of living in a modern, major city.”

Farage also took the time to reiterate that sometimes controversial policies – such as President Trump’s travel ban, extreme vetting, and building a border wall – are necessary to keep people safe.

What do you think of London mayor Sadiq Khan’s comments? Share your thoughts below.

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Rusty Weiss

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