President Trump’s swift and decisive action against Syria, punishing them for crimes against humanity, has changed the way world leaders look at America as a force for justice almost overnight lustige tiervideos kostenlos herunterladen.

But the devastating attack itself – raining 60 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air base – has changed the very landscape.

In ways we didn’t even see coming images iphone 8.

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Take a look …

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All kidding aside, it’s good to finally see a Commander-in-Chief no longer willing to bow down, lead from behind, and pussyfoot around with terrorists or those willing to commit such atrocities alle spiele kostenlos downloaden pc.

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Congressman Darrell Issa released a statement saying President Trump’s “strategic response is the appropriate one.”

“Assad’s vicious and brutal conduct cannot continue to go unanswered,” he stated herunterladen.

Or else other chemical weapons bases can become a series of Targets for the United States military.

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