Republicans Criticized Whether They Have Men OR Women Question Kavanaugh Accuser

If you ever needed proof that there is no pleasing the left, here it is.

Mainstream media outlets have ping-ponged back and forth, criticizing the Senate Judiciary Committee for having men question Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford in her upcoming hearing on Thursday, then criticizing them when they decide to have women do the questioning instead.

They can’t freaking win!

Ford’s testimony, which has been thrown into question as she seems apprehensive about being grilled over her already specious story, will involve questions from the committee in one form or another.

A column appearing on Bustleopenly wonders whether the questioning should come from a group of men, citing the committee’s “serious gender problem.”

“The gender imbalance is even starker among those who are examining him (Kavanaugh),” writes Monica Hunter-Hart, “because the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning Ford and Kavanaugh — should Ford agree to testify — has only men on the GOP side.”

Fair enough. So Republicans, sensitive to the nature and particulars of Dr. Ford’s allegations, agreed to allow female staff attorneys and an outside female lawyer question both Ford and Kavanaugh.

That wasn’t good enough either.

An op-ed in the New York Times on Monday claims that “outsourcing this responsibility” to female aides or lawyers is “sexist and cowardly.”

Man Up, Grassley. Question Blasey Ford Yourself. @ChuckGrassley “Outsourcing this responsibility to female aides or an outside female lawyer because of bad optics is sexist and cowardly.”

— Bonnie Berger (@Menemshasunset3) September 25, 2018


The most ridiculous claim from the column reads: “Handing off the questioning of Dr. Blasey to female staff members would be a gross departure from Senate practice and based on the risible idea that the questioning of sexual assault survivors is “women’s work.”

Dear God, they managed to equate it to women being told to get back in the kitchen.

Even Congressman Dick Blumenthal (D-Stolen Valor) got in on the act, firing off a tweet that blasted Republicans over the bad optics of using an all-male panel, then swiftly critiquing them for giving women the opportunity.

Republicans apparently decided it’s bad optics for 11 male senators—many of whom already judged Dr. Ford a liar—to question a survivor on live TV. Instead of personally facing her to ask questions, they are hiding behind a private lawyer whom they hired to do their jobs for them.

— Richard Blumenthal (@SenBlumenthal) September 21, 2018


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t – Republicans should just ignore these weak complaints from the left and conduct the hearing as they see fit. Period.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch responded to the ridiculous complaints about using a female lawyer by reminding Democrats and the New York Times that Ford’s own lawyers complained about her anxiety at being “interrogated” by “two dozen U.S. Senators.”

“Hard to see suggestions that Chairman Grassley should simply ignore that as anything other than political gamesmanship,” he added.

That’s all this is – political gamesmanship. And Republicans need to stop engaging Democrats in their foolish games. This smear of Kavanaugh must end now.

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