Republicans Adjourn Hearing on ‘Climate Denial’ When Only 2 Democrats Show Up

House Democrats scheduled a hearing addressing global warming and “climate denial” on Tuesday, but it was quickly dismissed when a greater number of Republicans showed up and voted to adjourn.

In fact, only two Democrats felt that climate change was a dire enough problem that their own House Natural Resources Committee meeting was warranted.

Tuesday’s meeting had been dubbed by the committee as part of an “historic month-long series of hearings on climate change,” and was meant to tackle “tactics used by various industries to mislead the public about health and environmental risks” as well as an information session on explaining “how to recognize the signs of a denialist misinformation campaign in any field.”

Meeting Adjourned

Remarkably, four Republicans showed up to the hearing, doubling the number of Democrats. Having more votes, Rep. Louie Gohmert voted to adjourn instead.

House Democrats scheduled a subcommittee hearing on climate change. Not enough of them showed up to outvote the Republicans.@replouiegohmert called to adjourn the meeting. The motion succeeded (4-2).

The hearing adjourned.

Full video:

— Nate Madden (@NateOnTheHill) February 26, 2019


Subcommittee Chairman T.J. Cox (D-CA) emerged from the hearing with his own denial of fact, claiming the Republicans simply walked out of the hearing.

“Today, the GOP members of our committee walked out of our hearing on climate denial, refusing to listen to our witnesses,” Cox tweeted.

Today, the GOP members of our committee walked out of our hearing on climate denial, refusing to listen to our witnesses. You couldn’t have a more ironic response to a hearing on climate denialism – but that’s not stopping us. We are still going, tune in if you can!

— Congressman TJ Cox (@RepTjCox) February 26, 2019


It’s not the GOP members that are the problem when you can’t even get five members of your party to show up to a climate change hearing.

Dems Want Bold Action, But Can’t Be Bothered With Their Own Meeting

Remember, this is a Democrat party that feels naturally occurring climate change is such a dire issue that they’re proposing a $93 trillion government takeover of the economy.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has claimed climate change is a matter of “life and death.”

“Don’t mess with our future. When it comes to climate, it’s all our lives at stake. The younger you are, the more consequences you’ll see,” she tweeted. “It’s life and death for us. And we will fight like it.”

All two of them.

NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams mocked the Democrats for not showing up to the hearing.

“Apparently it’s too much for Democrats to show up at hearings on issues they have claimed will cause the end of civilization within twelve years,” McAdams said. “Americans are seeing how much of a joke the socialist Democrats are!”

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