Republican Calls Out Colleagues: Stop Supporting Corrupt Governor Cuomo And Get Behind Astorino

Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin has sent a letter to every one of his colleagues demanding they stop “singing the praises” of a corrupt Governor Cuomo, and get behind their candidate, Rob Astorino.

McLaughlin has called on every Republican member of the legislature to support Astorino financially or otherwise.

He states that he is “troubled every day by many colleagues in federal, state, or local government openly supporting Cuomo.”

Republican governor Chris Christie has been one such individual openly supporting Cuomo by agreeing to not speak publicly of their administrative scandals, refusing to support Astorino despite heading the Republican Governor’s Association, and who has instead been out joining photo-ops with his opponent.

McLaughlin’s letter was predominantly focused on his fellow Republicans in the legislature however, many of whom have campaign coffers filled despite having no opponents in the upcoming election.  He requests that those Republicans donate their financial resources to Astorino.

McLaughlin also lays out 13 reasons why corrupt Governor Cuomo is bad for New York State.  Reasons which include being “under investigation by a U.S. Attorney for corrupting his own anti-corruption commission” and for being “threatening, thuggish, and arrogant.”

Cuomo’s divisiveness is also addressed, his statements on conservatives having no place in New York discussed.

He finishes by asking Republican politicians to pick a side – Will you “support an outstanding candidate in Rob Astorino?”  Or will you “support the corruption and failed policies of Andrew Cuomo?”

Read the letter below…

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