Reporter Slams Obama For Lying About Executive Orders

Whether through legal battles or through the media, it seems President Obama is being slammed for his executive orders at every corner.

It’s especially refreshing to see somebody from the White House press corp call out the President for his lies.

Ed Henry of Fox News did just that, fighting against the claim that Obama has issued less executive orders than his predecessors. It’s a claim often made by the President, as well as Democrats trying to justify his abuse of power.

Recent reports indicate Obama hasn’t just engaged in issuing executive orders, but has also issued numerous “presidential memoranda” – something very similar to executive orders. In fact, he’s issued these more than any other President in history.

With such information in hand, Henry grilled White House press secretary Josh Earnest about Obama’s overreach of power.

Via the Daily Caller:

“You remember some months ago, the President claimed that he’s been using executive orders, ‘at the lowest rate in more than a hundred years…’ But then you add on 198 presidential memorandum, it actually turns out he’s using a lot more executive action than his predecessors, right?”

“Well, I think there’s no doubt that the president has sought to use his executive authority to move this country forward within the confines of the law,” Earnest said, side-stepping the question.

“But why did he make this public claim that, ‘There’s this criticism that I’m acting on an executive basis, and I’m doing that at lowest level in a hundred years’?” Henry pressed. “That wasn’t really true, right?”

Watch the exchange below, in which Henry repeatedly points out that the President is lying, and Earnest repeatedly denies it …


So there you have it. Henry has provided a blueprint for the counter-argument to Obama’s lies that he has issued less executive orders than any of his predecessors.

What did you think of the exchange? Who’s right, Earnest or Henry?

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