>> Are you suggesting this was parts of add cover yup and.
[ Inaudible ]
To be appointed, what is your reaction?
>> I simply said to him, Mr. President in all due respect you’re making a very big mistake and he didn’t really answer. And I have said from the get-go that I think a special prosecutor is the way to go. But now with what’s happened, it is the only way to go. Only way to go to restore the American people’s faith. Are people going to suspect coverup? Absolutely. If an independent special prosecutor is appointed, there still can be some faith that we can get to the woman of this. If not, everyone will suspect coverup?
>> So are you suggesting coverup —
>> Yes.
>> You said you have lost confidence in Jim Comey because of how he handled the e-mail scandal do you think that the president’s explanation that this is the reason why he’s firing him now has credibility with you? Do you believe that?
>> Ok.
>> — Or do you think he’s firing him for another reason?
>> I never — I never called on the president to fire director Comey. I had a lot of questions about how he handled himself, but the overwhelming question is this. If the administration had those same questions, the events occurred months ago and they should have fired Comey on the day they came into office. All of them occurred before he came into office, so that does not seem to me to be a logical or per swaszive with explanation. Thank you, everybody.