Reporter Gets Embarrassed by Young Republican on Trump Tax Returns

This answer to a question on Trump’s tax returns may go down as the greatest response in the history of American politics.

Alright, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but damn – this is really good.

A CBS affiliate in Chicago was looking for a serious conversation on the topic of President Trump’s tax returns. So they sought out a local voice to counter the left’s arguments.

Jeff Halm, President of the Chicago Young Republicans, delivered in epic fashion.

Take a look …

You guys. I trolled my local CBS affiliate. They were asking about Trump’s tax returns, so I quoted Hillary. The reporter has no idea.

— Jeff Halm (@jeffhalm) April 16, 2017


Via Red Alert Politics:

In the wake of nationwide protests from liberals demanding that President Trump release his tax returns, a young Republican named Jeff Halm took it upon himself to troll his local CBS News affiliate when he was reached for comment.

“I wanted something that conveyed my disdain for the line of questioning,” Halm told Red Alert Politics in an email. “I wanted to push a little to see if they knew I was messing with them.”

Halm, who is president of the Chicago Young Republicans (CYR; a chapter of the Young Republican National Federation), is a regular guest of CBS 2 for giving the conservative perspective on politics. When they tried to get a reaction from him on the Trump tax protests, Halm lifted a line directly out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook and said, “What difference at this point does it make?”

It is clear from the reporter’s deadpan delivery of Halm’s quote that she had no idea she was being played by the young Republican.

Troll Level: Shattered Glass Ceiling.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with most people amused with Halm’s efforts.

— Kevin Moore (@Kevrmoore) April 16, 2017


There was the occasional response from Hillary supporters reminding Halm that she won the popular vote, almost as if they think that matters.

Overall however, we have to applaud Mr. Halm’s efforts.

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