Sean Hannity sent reporter David Webb into the scrum at a Bernie Sanders rally to find out exactly what fans of the socialist senator think of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The answers from rallygoers in Brooklyn were entertaining to say the least, with one man saying “I think she’s honest … to the people that pay her,” and another saying if she were to win the nomination he “might throw up.”

Our favorite, however, was from a woman who claimed Hillary might just literally be “feeling the burn.”

Webb asked her for comment on Clinton, to which the woman said “She’s ok. I don’t want to be mean.”

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“Just be honest, it’s your answer,” Webb prodded.

In relatively short order the woman responded by saying “she’s the devil.”

Via the Blaze:

When Fox News contributor David Webb, a conservative radio host, went to a Sanders campaign rally in Washington Square Park, New York, Sunday, supporters of the Vermont senator shared their honest opinions of Clinton — something Fox News host Sean Hannity described as “not pretty.”

“I think she’s honest to the people that pay her,” one Sanders rally-goer said of Clinton when asked if he trusts her.

Another Sanders supporter said, “She’s OK. I don’t wanna be mean,” and then Webb told her she can be honest. ”She’s the devil,” the young woman shot back.

That assessment seems a little harsh. Does this seriously look like a woman who might be the devil?



We even ran that image through a special filter to make sure there wasn’t something we were missing. Here’s what we found:



Pfft! Hillary is the devil? We’re not buying it.

Although, there is somebody who disagrees wholeheartedly with out assessment – Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who lost his life in the Benghazi terrorist attacks that Hillary aided in covering up.

After being accused by Clinton of lying about claims that she blamed a YouTube video for the attack, Smith turned the words of a Hillary supporter back on the Democrat frontrunner by saying, “there’s a special place in hell for people like her.”

Smith added, “I hope she (Hillary) enjoys it there!”

Should Clinton win the Presidency in 2016, we’ll all be suffering in hell for the next four years.

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