While his judicial accomplishments are many, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, may have had his shining moment at a little known private meeting over two decades ago wav bestand downloaden.

First off, some background. Judge Kavanaugh is considered to be one of the President’s most conservative candidates. He will protect our religious liberties, uphold the rule of law, and interpret the Constitution as it was originally understood by our Founders, in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia herunterladen.

That said, and even better, he once reportedly called Hillary Clinton by a name befitting only the nastiest of women.

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An excerpt from the book “Blinded by the Right,” which describes author David Brock’s journey from conservative to liberal, relives the scene during a viewing of former President Bill Clinton’s State of the Union address in 1997 at the home of Laura Ingraham guardo fit coach hr slim app downloaden.

“I saw one of Ken Starr’s deputies, Brett Kavanaugh, who was sitting across from me, mouth the word b***h when the camera panned to Hillary,” Brock wrote e mail hotmail.

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There’s little to no doubt that Democrats are going to ask Kavanaugh about this alleged incident during the confirmation hearing mietvertrag für möbliertes wohnraum kostenlos downloaden. In fact, it will likely be the focus since, as NBC’s Chuck Todd even admitted, is a “very confirmable pick” with few negatives to speak of herunterladen.

Should they bring this incident up, it’s important to remember it’s based on a book written by a hardcore leftist, about an incident 21 years ago, in which he allegedly was able to read lips at the same time he watched a television camera panning toward Clinton herunterladen.

Even if it is true, one also needs to remember that Hillary has used the term before in describing … herself.

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Remember the video where she thanked supporters and “activist b***hes supporting b***hes?”


Aside from petty name-calling (allegedly), Kavanaugh has been a thorn in the Clinton family’s side in the past for other reasons.

He was the lead author of the Starr Report nearly 20 years ago, which made the case for former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

In a memo at the time, Kavanaugh pushed for being tough on Clinton for his offenses.

“After reflecting this evening, I am strongly opposed to giving the President any ‘break,'” he wrote, “unless before his questioning on Monday, he either i) resigns or ii) confesses perjury and issues a public apology to you.”

“I have tried hard to bend over backwards and to be fair to him,” the memo continued. “In the end, I am convinced that there really are [no reasonable defenses]. The idea of going easy on him at the questioning is thus abhorrent to me.”

Kavanaugh preempted any attempts by Democrats to paint him as misogynist due to the Clinton comments by highlighting his personal relationships with women, including current Supreme Court Justice Elena Kegan.

“I am proud that a majority of my law clerks have been women,” he said.

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