An internal memo obtained by the New York Post reveals that the State Department has hired an “alarming number of law-enforcement agents with criminal or checkered backgrounds”.

The memo, which cites a highly flawed hiring process as the culprit, indicates that “many” of the agents are unable to fully participate in the policing and prosecuting of wrongdoers due to their past.

Via the New York Post:

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The State Department has hired an alarming number of law-enforcement agents with criminal or checkered backgrounds because of a flawed hiring process, a stunning memo obtained by The Post reveals.

The background problems are severe enough that many of the roughly 2,000 agents in State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security can play only limited roles in agency efforts to police bad conduct and prosecute wrongdoers.

“Department intakes of new . . . officers since the hiring surge a decade ago have reportedly been flawed, with ‘mitigation’ of troubling histories including criminal matters,” according to a December 2012 memo to State Deputy Inspector General Harold Geisel from a team leader in the IG’s Office.

The memo goes on to state that the troubling backgrounds can pose a problem if the agents are needed to testify at trials to assist prosecutors.

The memo also hints that some field offices “have major problems just waiting to be discovered”.

The latest reports come amidst a State Department fire storm which has whistleblowers charging officials with covering up several scandals, including allegations that members of Hillary Clinton’s security detail and the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium had solicited prostitutes overseas.

In the case of the Ambassador, accusations even include the soliciting of minors.