Report: Spitzer Ditched Security Detail On Nights He Turned Into Client Number 9

A bombshell new report shows the great lengths former Governor Eliot Spitzer went through to keep his Client 9 trysts from leaking out.  Spitzer would order state troopers to leave, try to sneak out if necessary, and even had police captains issue reminders that the Governor valued his privacy.

Via the New York Post:

When Eliot Spitzer ordered up hookers, the State Police were ordered to make themselves scarce, a bombshell new report claims.

The then-governor was so determined to carry out his illicit late-night trysts, he’d try to sneak out undetected by his taxpayer-funded security detail — and even had police bosses issue directives reminding troopers that he prized his privacy on out-of-town sleepovers.

“Please inform whoever the [overnight shift] is that they should not be hanging around in the governor’s hallway,” former State Police Capt. Lisa Galbraith wrote in one missive to Spitzer’s minders.

Apparently, that particular directive was prompted by one particular night when Spitzer, presumably still wearing his black socks, walked out of his hotel room only to find a trooper standing guard.

In another instance, a trooper had reported that Spitzer had ditched security to escape his Washington, DC hotel room – the same week he had a $4,300 session with call girl, Ashley Dupre.

The latest documents demonstrate how the former Governor was able to carry out his duties as Client 9 without raising the suspicions of his security detail.

Spitzer is currently running for the position of New York City Comptroller.

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