Report: Reince Priebus May Soon Be Victim of White House Shake Up

According to Erick Erickson of the Resurgent, multiple sources within the White House have claimed Chief of Staff Reince Priebus will be out the door soon.

Speculation has been rampant over Priebus’ future, though much of the focus lately has been on leakers in the White House, and a worrisome communications staff.

Perhaps he will make the ideal person to single out for an administration that has struggled to contain information and respond to crises – media driven or otherwise.

Via the Resurgent:

… two White House sources tell me Reince Priebus’s departure is imminent. The President would like to land Reince somewhere still in government, but regardless has decided to move on. I was not told who the replacement is or even that the President has settled on a replacement. It will not be, despite some rumors, Steve Bannon. One name circulating in the media is lobbyist David Urban, who once served as Chief of Staff to Arlen Specter. Choosing Urban would be bringing the swamp into the White House instead of draining it.

Rumors also abound as to where Priebus could end up with the administration, with multiple outlets claiming he could be named as UN Ambassador to Greece.

The Washington Post reported, “Trump associates said there have been conversations about dispatching Priebus to serve as ambassador to Greece — his mother is of Greek descent — as a face-saving way to remove him from the White House.”

Though they also noted, “A White House spokeswoman strongly denied that possibility.”

Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh, a close ally of Priebus, left her post in March. Some had speculated that Walsh was the source of White House leaks, though those leaks have continued unabated since then leaving whispers of another source.

Once @Reince45 goes, and stops having useful stuff to leak, expect the NYT and WaPo to turn on him. No more leaks, no more protection.

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) June 1, 2017


Though credited as the architect of Trump’s election victory as RNC Chair, Priebus has been dogged by constant issues in the White House that seem to leave the administration in perpetual disarray. Supporters of the President have openly questioned Priebus’ commitment to Trump’s agenda.

Erickson however, doesn’t agree with that assessment.

“Reince Priebus was unappreciated as Chairman of the RNC by many on the right and often blamed for things not in his control,” he wrote. “I know him to be a very good guy and think he was placed in a thankless position as Chief of Staff to the President and then not allowed to actually be the chief.”

Still, a change seems necessary, and now imminent.

Do you think it will be good if Priebus exits the White House? Share your thoughts below!

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