Report: NYPD Officer Claims De Blasio Intentionally Left Them in Dark At Funeral So They Wouldn’t Turn Their Backs

Multiple sources have claimed that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office had fewer screens and speakers at the recent funeral for fallen NYPD officer Wenjian Liu.  At least one of those sources – a police officer who attended both funerals – claims that de Blasio did this purposely “so no one would have the opportunity to turn their backs” on him again.

Via Pocket Full of Liberty:

Every officer I’ve spoken to throughout several police departments, not just the NYPD, stated that even though they couldn’t see the screens at Ramos’s funeral, they were able to hear the audio regardless of how far away from Christ Tabernacle Church they happened to be standing.

Not so for Liu’s.

Jumbotrons were not speckled throughout the crowds, and nothing could be heard from inside the funeral home.  Thousands of Law Enforcement Officers were completely left in the dark while they stood in the rain and cold until the procession passed.

One law enforcement officer who attended both Ramos’s and Liu’s funerals stated:

 “At Ramos’s funeral I was so far away my street wasn’t even on the aerial photo, but at least we were able to hear the service. At Liu’s funeral, I was on the main street approximately 5 blocks away, but we never saw or heard a single thing from inside the funeral home.  They excluded us completely so no one would have the opportunity to turn their backs on the Mayor.”

De Blasio’s office was contacted and immediately denied responsibility, saying it was the NYPD’s job to handle audio and video for the funeral.

The Deputy Commissioner of Public Information denied that it was up to the NYPD, and the funeral home itself also stated it was handled by the mayor’s people.

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