In the key 2012 swing state of Ohio, non-citizens were allowed to cast ballots in the Presidential election according to a new report.

Via Fox News:

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Wednesday that his office found 17 non-citizens illegally cast ballots in the 2012 presidential election — and has referred the case for possible prosecution.

The alleged crime would be a notable case of voter fraud in a key swing state. By law, only American citizens are allowed the privilege of casting ballots for the nation’s leaders.

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Ohio officials say that did not stop some from getting around the system.

“I have a responsibility to uphold election law, and under both federal and state law you must be a citizen to vote,” said Husted, a Republican who has aggressively tried to investigate voter fraud cases in his state.

Husted also found that 274 non-citizens remain on the voting rolls.

President Obama beat Mitt Romney in Ohio by just 2 percentage points in November 2012.

Ohio is also home to Melowese Richardson, an Obama fanatic who voted multiple times for the President because she deemed it “his right to sit as president of the United States.”

Nearly twenty cases of voter fraud have been investigated in Ohio in 2012.

Thank God that whole voter fraud is nothing more than a myth perpetrated by right-wingers.