Report: New York’s Economic Outlook Ranks Dead Last

A new report from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that measures economic outlooks based on 15 equally weighted policy variables, has ranked New York dead last in 2015.

The publication states:  The 2015 economic outlook ranking is a forward-looking measure of how each state can expect to perform economically based on 15 policy areas that have proven, over time, to be the best determinants of economic success.

Essentially, New York can continue looking forward to more economic hardships in the coming year under Governor Cuomo.

As you can see above, New York ranks in the bottom 10 in a majority of the economic categories, including Marginal Corporate Income Tax Rate, Marginal Personal Income Tax Rate, and Property Tax Burden.

Yet, Cuomo continues to tout his state as “open for business.”

The entire report can be seen below …

Last year, ALEC rated New York as one of the worst states in the country for tax cronyism.

Other poor assessments for the Empire State include being ranked dead last for economic freedoms, last for business and business friendliness, and as one of the top 5 states people are fleeing.

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