Report: New Yorkers Forced to Choose Between Groceries and Obamacare

A new report from WHEC in Rochester is painting a very bleak scenario for New Yorkers, some forced to choose between buying groceries or purchasing Obamacare plans, some concerned about going bankrupt after falling ill.

So why are New Yorkers concerned about going bankrupt due to Obamacare? Especially when the President has continually made such statements as, “I am as proud as I’ve ever been by the work we did to make sure that in this country, if you get sick you don’t go bankrupt and that you can get the health care that you need”?

And why are they choosing between basic necessities and an Obamacare plan when the President has claimed many people will be able to find plans that are cheaper than their cell phone or cable bill?

The Affordable Care Act, simply isn’t affordable.  In fact, many New Yorkers are opting to pay the fine because they can’t afford the high premiums from Obamacare.


People are choosing between groceries and health insurance. People are worried about going bankrupt if they get sick. News10NBC is hearing dilemma after dilemma from New Yorkers signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

A lot of people have been complaining on News10NBC’s Facebook page about facing a fine if they don’t sign-up for health insurance. Many say they can’t afford the premiums or the deductibles and it would be cheaper to stay uninsured and pay the penalty.

WHEC also mentions the March 31st deadline, saying you could face a fine if the deadline is missed.  They report that the “deadline stands.”

RNC Spokesman Raffi Williams says otherwise.

“Today’s ObamaCare deadline may as well be written in sand, because different states now have different deadlines,” he said.  “The only thing we know for certain about ObamaCare is the website is a disaster and that the White House hasn’t been transparent about how many people have paid their premiums, which would officially enroll them into the law.”

Indeed, the Washington Post has reported that the deadline will be extended to some time in mid-April, and nobody will be asked to cite a specific reason for being unable to enroll by the March deadline.

That said, New Yorkers seem more concerned with the costs associated with Obamacare.

Marian Schrader, a navigator paid to enroll people in the Obamacare exchanges tells WHEC that when people hear about the costly premiums, they decide not to enroll.

“I’m letting them know there is a fine, but I also understand if you can’t afford to buy insurance,” she said.  “I mean, are you going to buy insurance or buy food? You’re going to buy food.”

Watch the full report below…

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