Report: New York Worst State To Be A Taxpayer

File this under ‘duh.’  The financial website has ranked all 50 states based on the taxpayer experience.  New York came in dead last.

Via the Times Union:

We (New York) had the second highest gas taxes in the nation, the third highest local income taxes, the seventh highest state sales tax rates and the 11th highest tax on alcohol, according to their survey.

Average annual state and local tax burden totaled $9718, 40 percent above the national average.

Right behind us were California, 37 percent above the U.S. average at $9509 a year, Nebraska, at $9450 36 percent above average, and Connecticut, at $9099 31 percent above.

Take a look at the complete study here

And yet, New York Democrats accuse Republicans of wanting “people to starve” without a hint of irony that it is tax and spend liberal policies that actually cause people to struggle with their finances.

Aside from the revelation that New York is truly the worst state in the union for taxpayers, WalletHub also picks up on a red state vs. blue state trend.

Via the Washington Post:

That’s according to a new study by WalletHub, a publication of Evolution Finance, which found residents in blue states pay much more than residents of red states. The company used a typical American family making a median income and living in a median home to weigh average relative tax bills.

As demonstrated by the graphic below, red states had significantly lower tax rankings as opposed to blue states.

In addition to being a horrible experience for taxpayers, New York also ranks dead last for freedoms, last for business and business friendliness, is one of the top 5 states people are fleeing, and is among the worst in regards to life issues.

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