Report: Bloomberg Tried to Silence Journalist Who Reported on His Relationship With Chinese Communist Party

Michael Bloomberg is an authoritarian looking to grab the reins of even more power. bloomberg chinese communist party

I am one of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements. My story for @theintercept

— Leta Hong Fincher洪理达, PhD (@LetaHong) February 18, 2020

When Bloomberg News’s reporting on China was challenged, Bloomberg tried to ruin me for speaking out by Leta Hong Fincher

— The Intercept (@theintercept) February 18, 2020



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Yesterday, The Intercept published a damning firsthand account about how Bloomberg has gone to war with the First Amendment and freedom of the press to the direct benefit of the Chinese Communist Party.

Journalist Leta Hong Fincher writes “my story shows the lengths that the Bloomberg machine will go to in order to avoid offending Beijing. Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg LP, is so dependent on the vast China market for its business that its lawyers threatened to devastate my family financially if I didn’t sign an NDA silencing me about how Bloomberg News killed a story critical of Chinese Communist Party leaders.”

Fincher continues, “I never wanted to seek publicity about Bloomberg’s threatening behavior and was genuinely terrified of financial ruin, so in spite of preserving my freedom of speech, I have never written about my experience before. I am speaking out now because unlike so many other women, I am not bound by a nondisclosure agreement. Given the large number of women silenced by NDAs, it’s clear that there has been an environment of sexism at Bloomberg’s company. Bloomberg managers and lawyers treated me as though I were a piece of company property, an appendage of my husband, using intimidation and threats to try to bully me into submission.”

This firsthand account is not the first story to come out which highlights Bloomberg’s close relationship with China. Last year, clips of Bloomberg praising China’s communist party resurfaced.

Bottom Line: As Bloomberg continues to receive endorsements from Democrats he gave millions to and more swing-state Democrats endorse his campaign, it is clear we’ve seen just the tip of the iceberg of the former New York City mayor’s troubling business and personal history. Bloomberg’s comments make it clear that he is just another deeply flawed candidate, flailing in the Democrat primary, who will stand no chance of defeating President Trump in November.

Via the Republican National Committee

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