David Ubben, a diplomatic security agent in Benghazi, one of the few security officials afforded to our diplomats at that location, is a hero von der dropbox herunterladen. But you might not have heard much about him, as the administration has been trying to keep survivors of the terrorist attack silent since September 11th icons herunterladen free.

Until now.

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Ubben, much like the brave Navy SEALs who were killed that day, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, tried to save lives by going to the Special Mission Compound (SMC), and by fighting from the rooftop of the CIA annex word für mac download kostenlos deutsch.  He survived, but suffered a very serious injury which some have described as a “shredded leg”, and continues to try to recover from his wounds at the Walter Reed medical center wo kann man musik illegalen.

Worse, Ubben suffered the gruesome injury and then had to wait over 20 hours before a plane was sent in to help.

Via a Fox News report (h/t Gateway Pundit):

David Ubben waited for twenty hours after he was hit on that rooftop with Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty gratis ram downloaden. His leg was shredded. We know that he has been recovering for ten months at Walter Reed as Catherine has just reported. He was defending the US consulate and then no medical aircraft was apparently sent to this scene to get him out of there photos met itunes. How could this be?”

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I wonder if the President would like to speak to Mr gpx viewer downloaden. Ubben and tell him that his “shredded leg” is nothing more than “a bump in the road”, or a “phony scandal.”  Quite frankly, I don’t think he has the balls to do that spotify playlist über mobile daten herunterladen.

In fact, President Obama was so spineless in his actions during that time frame that, after learning of the assault, instead of springing into action, he went to bed, apparently dreaming up some story about a Youtube video kann man fortnite herunterladen.

The following day, as Ubben continued to suffer with a grave injury, Hillary Clinton was in front of television cameras saying this…

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Catch that first line transport fever modsen?

“There is no higher priority than protecting our men and women wherever they serve.”

Actually, there was definitely one higher priority in the eyes of the administration – to invent an excuse for the attack and avoid calling it terrorism, even if that meant ignoring an opportunity to save the lives of the Navy SEALs or Mr. Ubben.

Meanwhile, Obama was also ignoring the plight of David Ubben due to his priorities … campaigning.

Here is a picture of him, also on September 12th, as Ubben was still not rescued, meeting the folks in Las Vegas.


Judging by his look of concern, he truly does believe that Benghazi was a “phony scandal.”

Our eyes do not deceive us Mr. President – the only thing “phony” is your ability to serve as Commander-in-Chief.