BLITZER: “As you know, Mr debian 8en. Chairman, you’re being severely criticized by a lot of Republicans for mocking the President during your opening remarks today at the committee. Was it a mistake to make light of the situation?”

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SCHIFF: “I don’t think it’s making light of the situation, and I certainly wouldn’t want to suggest that there’s anything comical about this but I do think it’s all too accurate that this President in his conversations with the President of Ukraine was speaking like an organized crime boss herunterladen. And the fact that these words are so suggestive that the President used of what we have seen of organized crime harkens back to me of what, for example, James Comey said when he was asked by the President if he could let this matter involving Flynn go downloaden auf rumänisch. When Michael Cohen testified about how the President speaks in a certain code where you understand exactly what’s required here. The point is that the President was using exactly that kind of language and the President of Ukraine fully understood what he was talking about.”

BLITZER: “Well, do you regret what you called the parody, the use of those phrases during the course of your opening statement?”

SCHIFF: “No kann nichts mehr herunterladen. I think everyone understood. And my GOP colleagues may feign otherwise, that when I said, suggested that it was as if the President said listen carefully because I’m only going to tell you seven more times that I was mocking the President’s conduct, but make no mistake about this herunterladen. What the President did is of the utmost gravity and the utmost seriousness because it involves such a fundamental betrayal of his oath.”