Rep. Meeks: Blacks Now Going to Vote for Hillary Because FBI Treating Her Like She’s Black


MOHYELDIN: “Joining me is New York congressman Gregory Meeks, a member of the congressional black caucus and Clinton supporter. Good to have you here. First of all, your reaction to trump’s comments there. He seems like — the fact that Obama is campaigning for Hillary Clinton is really getting under his skin.”

MEEKS: “Well, Donald Trump is a joke. He’s a con man, and he still is continuing to try to con the American public. You can just see right through him. For his statement, the president, get back to work, did he see the economic report? Does he know how far we’ve come from the eight years when Republicans were in charge? President Obama is doing what he needs to to make sure America continues to become a more perfect union.”

MOHYELDIN: “I want to ask you about early voting, in particular president Obama made reference to it earlier this week. Take a listen. I’ll ask your reaction afterwards.”
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OBAMA: “We’ve got early voting. We’ve got all kinds of metrics to see what’s going on. Right now the Latino vote is up. Overall vote is up. But the African-American vote now is not as solid as it needs to be.”

MOHYELDIN: “What are you hearing about the African-American voter turnout? How concerned are you about it, and — you know, what can we expect in the next 72 hours? Is there anything that can happen to get that African-American vote to the levels where President Obama and Hillary Clinton need it to be or want it to be?”

MEEKS: “It’s going to be where it needs to be. I think that there’s a concerted effort on the other side to suppress the vote. And I think you look at some of the laws that came forth that reduced the time for early voting or not having voting on Sundays where we had the souls to the polls event. I think that’s what’s happening now is watch Ohio this weekend. I was in Ohio last weekend, in Cleveland. A little bit of bad their. Weather’s — of bad weather. Weather’s supposed to be good this week. And by this Sunday, they were going to be going to the polls in droves. I think in a way when you look at what Comey has done with the FBI, you talk about criminal justice reform — they know that Hillary is serious about criminal justice reform because they see some of the same things that’s happened and what they believe happened in the FBI and other places, happening to Hillary Clinton. I’ve heard that. I was with young people on a college campus, and they said we was going to vote, but we can’t allow this to happen.”

“A poll by “The New York Times” found 64% considered Clinton dishonest and untrustworthy. 6% more than those who view trump as dishonest and untrustworthy.What does that say to you about the state of this race and perhaps explains anything in terms of why there’s an unwillingness from the African-American voteto get behind Clinton in the same numbers we saw in 2008 and 2012?”

“Let me say first, comparing those two is difficult. For African-Americans, Barack Obama being the first African-American president — I mean, I don’t know if you will ever see those kinds of numbers. So, you know —“

“Fair enough.”

“You look at the numbers coming out, it is far superior to the numbers in 2004and 2000. Let’s not compare the same thing. The level of excitement that generated was unprecedented. The excitement now still from Hillary Clinton because they understand what’s at stake and want to have the president’s back.”

“What about the untrustworthiness that 64% see Hillary Clinton as that six points more than somebody like Donald Trump who certainly also had his fair legal challenges, accusations, allegations of sexual harassment? >>

Again, if that’s the — the Republicans decided long ago that if you went on — based upon the record of Hillary Clinton and the substance of Hillary Clinton, there was no way they could beat her. They decided there’s a long, continuous time that they’ve been focused on trying to discredit her. If you hear it over and over and over again, some folks start to think that maybe that’s right. But facts show that from the ‘90s to now, they put these allegations out, none of which has been true. She’ll still standing. They’ll see when she becomes the president.”

“What is your biggest concern after the election, regardless of who wins? What are you most concerned about? >>

That the Republican Congress is going to — if by chance they stay in the majority, they’re not going to want to do things that are important for the American people to move forwards.”

“And if Clinton wins, you could there could be a litany of investigations launched, and more issues for her on the hill?”

“That’s why I want more team make sure we have a mandate of folks to come out to vote, to give the Republicans — put them on notice that the American people want us to move forward and get jobs for Americans and fix our economy. Make it even grow stronger, do — infrastructure and transportation bill. Do things that bring us together.”

“Along with the concerns — a long list of concerns, congressman.”

“There are concerns. Some folks want to do the right thing.”

“Good to talk to you. Always a pleasure. Thanks for coming in. Take care, have a safe trip.”

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