Rep Doug Collins: Democrats Are ‘Searching for a Way Out’ of ‘Sham Impeachment Hearings’


KILMEADE: “This was their best swing. They put all their guys out there. They had the transcripts. They knew what they were going to say and the women. And then they have their articles of impeachment that’s going to be offered. And now in come the academics. And then all the sudden people are going to go, ‘OK, whose mind is changed?’ So this is trending away. Evan Bayh said yesterday as a Democrat he thinks they should look for an off-ramp. And an off-ramp would be censure. Do you recommend that, too?”

COLLINS: “No, I do not. What did he do wrong to get censured? That would be like just take him because we want to get the Democrats to like us anymore. No, you don’t give in to people who are viciously going after you for no reason. This president has done nothing wrong, should not be censured. They’re not looking for off-ramp. I heard something yesterday from a member from both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committee. They’re saying, ‘Well if the President wants to mount a defense, now’s his time.’ He’s not had to defend anything because he’s done nothing wrong. What they’re searching for now is a way out. What their way out is this: How about drop the sham impeachment hearings? Why not go back to passing USMCA? Why not actually legislating? Why not actually caring about the American people instead of your voters who you promised in November ’16 that you’re going to impeach this president? Why don’t we get back to doing our job? That’s their off-ramp if they’ll take it.”

EARHARDT: “But the president is — he’s overseas.”

DOOCY: “Yeah. And the way you describe it, congressman, it certainly does not look fair and the American people don’t like that.”

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