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Rush Transcript:

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CONNOLLY: “I don’t think the Democrats, especially from really swing and competitive districts who really put themselves out there on the line, I don’t think they feel the same way schnittmuster kostenlos herrenen. I think they want to see this process come to some kind of a conclusion.”

HARLOW: “I think you’re right. Look at the polling this week. CNN’s polling, it not only shows there’s a decline in national support for impeaching and removing the President from 45 to 50 percent epic games fortnite download kostenlos. What was striking to me was what Democratic voters said. Yes, 77% of them still want the President impeached or removed from office, but that’s down 13 points from 90% in November herunterladen. I’m interested in why you think that is? What’s the why for you on that?”

CONNOLLY: “You know, I don’t know that I would read a lot of profundity into a particular poll result itube herunterladen ios. These things have gone up and down. I will remind you that the support for impeachment nationwide was 36% in late July and early August.”

HARLOW: “I hear you on that herunterladen. It didn’t move for Nixon until like a month before. But just what’s going on in Democrats’ minds that there’s a 13-point drop in a month?”

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CONNOLLY: “Well, I think partly, a lot of Democrats have concerns that as we get into the presidential re-election year, we don’t want impeachment impeding the ability, frankly, to compete and hopefully remove Trump from office that way skype for apple. I hear that a lot from Democrats, a concern about that. So that may be part of the reflection. And as one of your panelists said just before me, the economy obviously has a positive impact overall polling, even with Democrats.”

HARLOW: “The economy is doing great, yeah.”