Jimmy McMillan of “the rent is too damn high” fame announced his bid for mayor of New York City last week herunterladen.  He made the announcement at a small concert at Tammany Hall on the Lower East Side.

McMillan hasn’t changed much, never shying away from his singular platform saying, “The rent is too damn high sims 3 sunlit tides kostenlosen. There’s nothing else to talk about.”

Shortly afterward however, McMillan seemed to flesh out his platform a bit, explaining that it isn’t just the rent that’s too damn high, it’s ‘everything’ musik in guter qualitäten.

“Gasoline is too damn high, food prices is too damn high, food is too damn high. You go to a restaurant the cost is too damn high, because of the property taxes and the mortgages they have to pay.”

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Despite seemingly being able to relate to the high price of just about everything, McMillan was still willing to charge an $8 cover charge to his Rent is Too Damn High Party party electro musik kostenlos downloaden.

No word if anyone decided not to attend because the cover charge was too damn high.

And, also no word on McMillan’s monthly payment for this vehicle – the Rent is Too Damn High Mobile (complete with Jimmy McMillan action figure):