Reality Alert: Obamacare Registration May “Hover in the Single Digits”

While hackers are inflating Obamacare demand numbers, a new report by the Washington Post seems to suggest that the overwhelming success of the exchanges touted by the Obama administration, are significantly less than reported.

Sarah Kliff reports that the federal ObamaCare exchanges enrollment numbers may only have been “in the single digits.” And the Post is having a hard time finding anyone who has registered.

Via the Washington Post:

“But the federal marketplace is a bit of a black box right now. There’s been heavy traffic, with over 4.7 million visitors since the exchanges opened for enrollment on Tuesday. The White House says some applicants have signed up, but didn’t say how many. Rumors in the insurance industry hover in the single digits; several health plans say they are unaware of anyone signing up for their plan. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina says it has enrolled one person.”

The report then goes on to solicit e-mails from anybody out there who may have successfully signed up for Obamacare since the exchanges opened.  One of the largest newspapers in the country has to beg for success stories because their journalists can’t find any.


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