Reactionary Government: Bill Being Introduced To Make Groping Interns Illegal

As we learned earlier, groping interns here in New York is a perfectly acceptable practice in the eyes of the legal system.

As such, Assemblyman Joe Borelli will be introducing a new bill that would close a legal loophole – a loophole that states unpaid interns are not covered by the city’s Human Rights Law.

Via Politicker:

… Mr. Borelli announced today that he plans to introduce legislation to close the loophole in the State Assembly.

“Sexually deviant supervisors should be liable criminally and civilly regardless of a subordinate’s official role in the organization,” said Borelli in a statement. “Creeps shouldn’t get off on technicalities.”

Mr. Borelli’s press release directly noted that the State Legislature seen a slew of sexual harassment scandals in recent months and years, including those involving Vito Lopez and Micah Kellner. He noted the incidents have tarnished Speaker Shelly Silver, whose office has been accused of repeatedly covering up allegations and enabling the victimization of more young women.

In addition to Borelli’s bill, Democrat Linda Rosenthal has said she intends to introduce legislation on the matter as well, calling the current state of affairs “unconscionable.”

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