Paging Chris Christie …

When you’re done campaigning for Governor Cuomo’s re-election and correcting the record on your weight loss, perhaps you could take the time to realize that Rob Astorino’s race is not, and never was, a lost cause matlab download student.

While Rasmussen Reports still refers to Cuomo’s lead as comfortable, they’ve also released a poll indicating that the Governor leads his Republican challenger by only 17 points amazon buchvorschau herunterladen.

Cuomo picks up 49% of the vote to Republican challenger Rob Astorino’s 32% in a new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Empire State Voters herunterladen. Seven percent (7%) like some other candidate in the race, while 12% are undecided.

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You know who else had a comfortable lead with just over a month to go until election day herunterladen?  Eric Cantor.

Cantor had a 34-point lead in some polls leading up to the June primary, only to be trounced by 11 points to his Tea Party challenger download the picture book.

This isn’t to say the same thing will happen here, but the fact is it CAN happen here.

When Christie was referring to Astorino’s campaign as a lost cause, the Governor had a 37-point lead in the polling need for speed underground vollversion kostenlosen.  Now however, it sits at 17 points.

Still Christie and the RGA, who lists it’s primary mission as helping “elect Republicans to governorships throughout the nation,” continue to cower in fear how can I download music from youtube.

Earlier this summer, we reported on some Republicans finally standing up to Christie’s weak view that he won’t support Astorino because his campaign is a “lost cause.” Some of Christie’s Republican colleagues fired back, with Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin saying ‘Christie is stabbing Astorino in the back,’ and former Republican Governor of New York, George Pataki, calling Christie’s lack of action “incomprehensible and disappointing.”

Another report has showed that the RGA has three major consultants who also run “a well-heeled and well-funded group called ‘Republicans for Cuomo.’”