Remember Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor and mother of two who challenged President Obama at a town hall-style meeting called ‘Guns in America’ from youtube musik?

She blasted the president for pursuing gun control legislation saying that “these restrictions … make it harder for me to own a gun” and are “actually just making my kids and I less safe.”

Corban is back, and in a two-pronged attack is leveling gun-grabbing liberals with the truth behind how an anti-second amendment agenda would put vulnerable women in danger herunterladen.

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First, the NRA featured Corban in an ad for their ‘Freedom’s Safest Place’ campaign, an ad which is striking for its brutal honesty about what happened to her and how a firearm could have prevented it fortnite herunterladen pc deutsch.

Perhaps the best line from the ad is this – “Now I’m a mother of two, and if that predator—or anyone else—tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first.”

Take a look …

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It is a powerful statement, but also an empowering statement for women Remac os.

Corban has followed that up with a column that utterly destroys Hillary Clinton for targeting NRA members – especially women – as her enemies schriftart herunterladen windows 10.

“10 years after my attack, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and has named me the enemy she is most proud of,” she wrote.

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Corban explained that after the Town Hall with Obama, she “was dismissed and criticized by leftists because my story did not fit their gun-control narrative.”

“I am a survivor taking personal responsibility for the safety of myself and my children,” she explained youtube songs kostenlos herunterladen. “President Obama, Hillary and their fellow tyrannical peers’ message was clear – they need victims reliant on the government to save them, not survivors who have learned they must save themselves.”

She then focused on Clinton saying, “I have watched Hillary say she champions women’s rights, but instead she shows that she seeks to disarm women who need firearms as an equalizer, leveling the playing field against physically dominant attackers like mine.”

She added that Hillary’s insistence that people vote for her because she’s a woman is itself “a misogynistic insult.”

“Hillary does not wish to represent us as Americans,” Corban concluded thunderbird zertifikat herunterladen “She wishes to rule over us.”

Wow! If that doesn’t motivate you to join the #NeverHillary ranks and defend your constitutional right to bear arms, we don’t know what will herunterladen.

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