Rangel on Harlem Explosion: ‘Our Community’s 9/11’

Rep. Charlie Rangel called yesterday’s Harlem explosion “our community’s 9/11.”

The death toll in the Harlem explosion has reached 6 as of this morning’s report.  9/11 resulted in 2,977 Americans dying, 2,606 of which happened in the World Trade Center buildings.

Via the New York Post:

Congressman Charlie Rangel amazingly called Wednesday’s deadly collapse of two buildings in East Harlem “our community’s 9/11,” saying it’s the most “horrific” thing that’s happened in his district since he was first elected more than four decades ago.

“There is nothing more of a nightmare to think there may be people in those buildings as it collapsed, and so this is a very serious thing,” Rangel (D-Harlem) told NBC 4 New York from Washington DC.

“It is our community’s 9/11.”

In fact, yesterday’s Harlem explosion was so bad, Rangel was actually thinking about leaving Washington to come back to his community.

Via the Blaze:

Rangel said he was considering leaving Washington to go back to his district to be with his community.

“I’ve never had anything this horrific that’s happened in my community since I’ve been in Washington,” he said. “I hope that soon, and very soon, it will be contained and we can go back to some degree of normal normalcy.”

Politico reporter Glenn Thrush tweeted that he was “pretty sure 9/11 was Harlem’s 9/11.”

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