Race-Baiting MSNBC Host Finally Runs His Dream Headline

Anybody who watches MSNBC’s The Cycle (all 5 of you) knows that host, Touré, is a perpetual wheel of race-baiting for the network. That trait itself is practically a pre-requisite for joining the network.

Touré points to race in seemingly any discussion, even citing criticism of excessive use of the n-word in movies as racist, while at the same time calling out former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the perceived “n*****ization” of the first black President.

So if you know Touré’s work, you’ll know why this is the funniest screen grab in the history of screen grabs…

Via Twitchy:

Many are cheering the James “Whitey” Bulger guilty verdict as justice being served, but as it turned out, race card aficionado Touré had an extra reason to celebrate.

During this afternoon’s “The Cycle,” the stars aligned in a way that can only be described as absolutely epic:

That must have been a headline Touré and his colleagues have dreamed about since their first day on set at MSNBC.



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