Pundits Push For Meghan McCain to Fill Her Father’s Senate Seat

The Senate seat in Arizona belongs to the people of that district. It is not a family hand-me-down.

Regular readers of this site know full well – Meghan McCain is an admirable voice of dissension on a heavily liberal show in ‘The View.’

Whether she’s shutting down Whoopi Goldberg while she scoffs at the ‘War on Christmas,’ defending Trump supporters that media members mock as toothless hillbillies, or shooting down Joy Behar as she pretends Hillary Clinton actually won the election – McCain has been a welcome, if not unexpected, voice of reason on the show from the onset.

What she is not, however, is a rightful heir to her father’s Senate seat.

Yet various pundits have suggested just that, saying Meghan should be considered as Arizona governor Doug Ducey has been tasked with filling the seat until a special election is held in 2020.

Townhall political editor and Fox News contributor, Guy Benson, a man whose work I respect immensely, was the first to float the idea of having McCain’s daughter take his seat.

If, as reported, Arizona’s Governor is considering selecting member of McCain’s family to serve out the remainder of his Senate term, I nominate Meghan.

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) August 27, 2018


Benson followed that tweet with a column explaining his rationale.

“Meghan … has really found her voice as a conservative media commentator,” he wrote, “exhibiting fearlessness and tenacity on the set of a show that is often politically hostile to her worldview.”

He adds that while she has a touch of Trump skepticism “like her father,” she still “frequently stuck up for the president on Fox, and has done so at The View, as well.”

Benson’s one disclaimer is that his argument in support of this is based on rumors that McCain’s wife Cindy might be named to fill the seat. And if a family member was going to get the seat, he’d rather see it be his friend Meghan.

“It is generally my opinion that Congressional seats and positions of political power should not be handed down from generation to generation in America,” he stated. “Power is not a family heirloom; it is something to be earned, with the consent of voters.”

Agreed, but there is no rule dictating that Ducey only consider family members, and any argument about which McCain should be chosen is merely a fantastic hypothetical.

Lotta people hated this tweet, but here’s my actual argument: https://t.co/kCl0PLgFPz ?read the piece? https://t.co/FrUwI8LS3D

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) August 28, 2018


Political journalist Tom Rogan doubles down on Benson’s idea in his own column for the Washington Examiner.

“If she’s interested in filling that seat,” Rogan writes, “Meghan McCain would deserve immediate support from conservatives.”

Rogan also cites ‘The View’ as “the best evidence” that the senator’s daughter would be a staunch supporter of conservative policies and platforms.

It’s an argument that doesn’t hold water. The ladies of ‘The View’ are so radically far-left that a centrist, by comparison, or a person with some semblance of reason, would seem conservative by comparison.

If anything, it’s likely that Meghan is right-of-center like her father with some pangs of socially liberal policy and a touch of Trump resentment considering the personal feud the President shared with McCain.

Would she push a conservative agenda? Would she support the Trump administration’s agenda? Any speculation – by us, Benson, or Rogan, would be just that … speculation.

Ducey needs to choose a lawmaker with experience fighting for conservative values, not a media personality who might do so.

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