Protesters Want to Block Trump From the UK, Member of Parliament Takes a Stand

British lawmakers have been debating whether or not to deny President Trump a formal state visit to the U.K.

With the backdrop of an online petition that received nearly 2 million votes, Parliament grappled with the notion that Trump “should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.”

One lawmaker said he was “ashamed” that Britain would “lay on everything because we are so desperate for (Trump’s) company.”

Another insulted Trump by saying “The intellectual capacity of the president is protozoan.”

But it was Nigel Evans, a conservative member of Parliament, who set the group straight by telling his colleagues to “get over it because he’s president of the United States.”


Via TheBlaze:

But Nigel Evans, a conservative member of Parliament, stood up and blasted opponents of the Trump visit.

“For those who find it difficult to understand that the American people voted for Donald Trump, get over it because he’s president of the United States,” Evans said.

He added that “we have to ask ourselves why is it that people felt so left behind that they made the democratic decisions that they have” and then compared last year’s Brexit vote to the Trump election.

“Just like we had the forgotten people in United Kingdom, there are the forgotten people in the United States of America,” Evans continued. “We may not like some of the things that he says, and I certainly don’t like some of the things that he’s said in the past, but I do respect the fact that he stood on a platform which he is now delivering. He’s going to go down in history as being roundly condemned for being the only politician to deliver on his promises.”

Evans dared to add that he has seen no evidence that President Trump is “racist,” a comment that drew audible gasps from the crowd.

He added that these vicious attacks on Trump are, in effect, attacks on “the American people.”

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