BLM Protesters Try To Attend Hearing For Girls Accused Of Falsifying Hate Crime, Fail Miserably

An organization that has been protesting in conjunction with Black Lives Matter groups in upstate New York, attempted to crash a Student Conduct Hearing for the three SUNY Albany students who are alleged to have falsified a hate crime.

Instead of the big dramatic entrance into the hearing they were hoping for, the protesters representing the CAAMI (Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration) were locked out. They then proceeded to wander around the building holding ‘mic checks’ and trying to find other entrances, only to be turned away by guards each time.

The protesters first ran into barricades, having of course announced their planned protest ahead of time (tweets by TWC NEWS reporter Geoff Redick):

At @ualbany this AM. The U will hold a “student conduct hearing” for 3 women accused of falsely reporting an assault

— Geoff Redick (@GeoffWSYX6) March 9, 2016

Then they tried to play nice by asking to be let in:

@nycaami arrives, asks to be allowed in for closed hearing. Denied entry, as is the rest of the public.

— Geoff Redick (@GeoffWSYX6) March 9, 2016

When that didn’t work, they walked around the building to locate the windows where the Student Conduct Hearing is being held, and went with the ol’ Occupy Albany standby – the dreaded ‘mic check.’

@nycaami instead walks to rear of building, to present a “Mic Check” outside the window of the conduct hearing.

— Geoff Redick (@GeoffWSYX6) March 9, 2016

Shortly thereafter, one of the representatives in the protest group listed their complaints regarding the treatment of the women being charged with falsifying a hate crime. He used a bullhorn because his voice apparently was not strong enough to be heard by the roughly 4 or 5 member of the media following them.

Exhausting these measures, the group proceeded to wander around looking for other doors to access the hearing. To nobody’s surprise, each door was blocked by a guard.

@nycaami now tries to access each entrance to the building. @ualbany has guard posted at every door, to deny access.

— Geoff Redick (@GeoffWSYX6) March 9, 2016

In the end, the supporters of the women essentially told the media they felt the Student Conduct Hearing was “unfair.”

The phrase “unfair” is perfectly in line with what the lawyers of the the women who allegedly faked a hate crime and assaulted multiple white students on the bus are saying. They’ve called the possibility that the women are expelled from school “unfair,” describing it as an “academic lynching.”

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