An activist behind protests attempting to shut down a rendition of Julius Caesar that depicts President Trump being assassinated, said that they are simply trying to stop what she calls “assassination porn.”

Multiple protesters have taken to using the left’s own tactics against the production of the play, storming the stage and shouting “liberal hate kills.”

These protests are attempting to link the violent imagery from the play to the recent left-wing terrorist attack on Republican congressman Steve Scalise, and several others Call of duty free download chip.

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Is adopting the tactics of the left a good idea? Laura Loomer, one of the activists behind the protests, seems to think so.


Via Fox News Insider:

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Activist Laura Loomer defended her decision to disrupt New York’s “Shakespeare in the Park” play depicting President Trump’s assassination herunterladen.

“This has been really important to me,” she said.

Loomer said the left wing “systematically and programmatically uses their free expression as a pretext to incite violence.”

In contrast, she said her ‘protest’ was peaceful and nonviolent sims 4 downloads hair for free.

“This is assassination porn,” she said of the play, which depicts a Trump-like Caesar being brutally killed.

The jury still seems to be out on whether or not this method of shutting down free speech is one that should be cheered or scorned by conservatives pharao game for free.

Those who support the interruptions say Loomer is a patriot:

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Others insist that opposing free speech of any kind is not a stance the right should be taking:


“The left is taking pleasure in watching the assassination of President Trump,” Loomer complained herunterladen.

Still, is it worth it to try and stop that by becoming what we despise?

We want to hear from you – Do you support or oppose these protests? Share your thoughts below!

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