A student at an upstate New York high school was suspended for defending himself from an attack by a fellow student who didn’t share his pro-NRA views.

Tolerance is limited to those liberal students who oppose guns, not those who support their Constitutional rights, it would seem.

Christian Breault, a senior at Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School, in Middleburgh, N.Y., was allegedly targeted for his Second Amendment view, criticizing the school for showing an “Anti-NRA video vilifying the gun organization and its members.”

According to his father, Brian Breault, Christian stated that “he felt the Anti-NRA video was over the top and he found it offensive.”

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The school apparently concurred, issuing an apology for showing the video.

Meanwhile, a fellow classmate didn’t take kindly to Christian’s support of the NRA and threatened to “punch Christian in the face if he didn’t stop defending (them).”

The student made the threat in front of the school nurse, according to Breault, and then followed through on that threat.


Breault claims that as his son was leaving class, the enraged anti-gun student who believes the NRA is a violent organization punched him in the head. Twice.

Naturally, Christian defended himself.

“Christian defended himself, punching the kid in the jaw, causing him to fall to the floor,” Breault told PJ Media. “The kid got up and threw an object at Christian, which he deflected.”

The student received a three-day suspension for the attack, but Christian also was punished, getting a one-day suspension for the simple act of defending himself.


In an interview with Media Equalizer, Breault explained the principal’s reasoning for Christian’s punishment, saying he was “very escalated.”

Yeah, that tends to happen when you’re being punched in the head.

“I spoke to the principal of the school who was very combative and condescending to my concerns over keeping Christian safe,” Breault added.

“I personally feel my suspension shows the failure in our society and schools,” Christian told PJ Media. “My constitutional rights were violated by this student, and I defended my rights and myself from him.”

And for that, he was suspended.

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