Turns out, supporting illegal immigrants isn’t the only lawbreaking activity Texas state Rep. Victoria Neave partakes in.

Neave was arrested earlier this week by Dallas police for driving while intoxicated, after her vehicle struck a tree.

Police reports indicate that her vehicle had a strong odor of alcohol, and the lawmaker refused to perform field sobriety tests, provide a blood sample, or take a breathalyzer test.

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She also showed signs of a strong future in the Democrat party when she invoked her 5th Amendment rights.

According to police, Neave repeatedly told them with slurred speech, “I love you and I will fight for you and I’m invoking my 5th Amendment rights.”

That’s practically the entire career of a pro-illegal immigrant Democrat in a nutshell. Might as well throw that on a bumper sticker for when she runs for re-election.


A local Texas State Representative has been charged with DWI following an overnight crash.

36-year-old Victoria Neave was detained by Dallas Police around 11:30 pm Tuesday night after she allegedly crashed her car into a tree near La Vista Dr. and Abrams Parkway in the Lakewood area.

Neave was transported to the Dallas County jail and charged with driving while intoxicated.

According to the arrest affidavit, Neave refused to perform a field sobriety test and repeatedly told the arresting officer, “I love you and I will fight for you and I’m invoking my fifth amendment rights.”

Neave issued a statement about her arrest on Facebook:


In April, Neave took part in a four day ‘hunger strike’ in protest of a ‘sanctuary city‘ bill which was eventually signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott.

The bill bans policies of harboring, aiding, and abetting criminal illegal immigrants. It also imposes fines and jail time for sheriffs and police chiefs who refuse to follow the law.

Pay special attention to Neave’s reasoning for opposing the bill …


That’s right – It “will make us less safe & have a chilling effect on communities.”

The same can now be said for her driving.

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