Prince Harry, George Bush Team Up To Help ‘Remarkable’ Veterans

Prince Harry, former President George W. Bush, and First Lady Michelle Obama helped open an event known as the Invictus Games, an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event featuring over 500 wounded veterans. The event also featured support from celebrities like Morgan Freeman, singer James Blunt, and soprano singer Laura Wright.

The Prince opened the event, saying his experience serving in the British Army in Afghanistan made him realize how ‘privileged’ he was.

“When I joined the Army I just wanted to be one of the guys, Prince Harry said. “What I learned through serving were the extreme privileges of being a prince and the opportunity I have to help my military family.”

He cited a particular ‘harrowing’ incident in which he flew home on a plane with a dead Danish soldier and three seriously injured British servicemen.

The experience helped open his eyes and “understand the true cost of war.”

President Bush also took some time to honor the “remarkable” athletes and veterans.

Via Fox News Insider:

“To meet these athletes is remarkable,” Bush said. “These are people who have overcome significant odds, and they did so by being the master of their fate.”

Bush said the games are an important reminder of our veterans who are returning home with serious injuries, some that can be seen with the naked eye and some that cannot.

He pointed to PTSD and traumatic brain injury, saying that we must work to remove the stigma that can often be associated with those “invisible” injuries.

“Your job and my job is to help these vets understand it’s courageous to say, ‘I need some help,’” Bush said.

The former president added that even though he’s no longer in office, he’s committed to helping veterans.

“I intend to use whatever capabilities I have to get them the help they need.”


Our friends at Headline Politics highlighted an event a year ago in which Prince Harry shared a touching moment with a wounded Marine who postponed amputation of her leg so she could go on a 1,000 mile charity hike from Scotland to Buckingham Palace. He was presented the dog tags from the Marine’s fallen comrades, and was clearly moved.

Clearly the Prince has a level of respect for our veterans that many in our own country don’t even have.

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