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President Trump’s Charity Changed This Campaign Staffer’s Life Forever

Donald Trump won the presidency months ago. Accordingly, there’s no need for him or his team to invent heartwarming stories to tell on the campaign trail.

Which means this story of kindness from the new president is about as genuine as it gets – and it’s an amazing story to be sure.

Trump campaign volunteer Shane Bouvet has a father currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments to battle cancer. Bouvet was profiled in the Washington Post, and Trump took notice of the story which featured him as a single dad working nights, and volunteering for the campaign during the day. That’s when he decided to act!

Trump had a staffer invite Bouvet to the inauguration. During a concert on the eve of Trump’s historic swearing in, he was escorted to meet the soon-to-be President personally.

What Trump did next was nothing short of amazing …



Via Fox News Insider:

While at the concert, Bouvet was escorted by a Secret Service member to meet the president. He called his father, and Trump got on the phone to speak to his dad.

Trump then wrote Bouvet a check for $10,000 for his father’s chemotherapy treatments.

“Thank you Donald Trump for everything that you’ve done for my dad. … You’re such a great guy, and you’re going to be the best president of the United States,” Bouvet said.

Amazingly, upon meeting, Trump singled out Bouvet and called him the “greatest guy.”


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Rusty Weiss

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