Whether he knows it or not, either through ignorance or actual idiocy, leftist Hollywood loon Michael Moore had his wish granted by President Trump.

No, not a lifetime supply of fries. We’re talking about FBI Director James Comey finally having to pay a price for his incompetence.

Moore is one of many celebrities struggling with an affliction known as raging hypocrisy, and symptoms have really begun flaring up over the firing of the former director.

Moore, you see, wanted Comey to suffer for his handling of the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton. He didn’t just want to see Comey fired, he wanted him jailed.


Now that the FBI director paid for that incompetence, Moore has changed his tune dramatically, railing against the firing as an abuse of power and claiming Trump is “dirty” and “corrupt” for daring to relieve him of his duties.


An election do-over?

The Daily Caller reports, “Michael Moore demanded that the election be held again after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday.”


He did exactly as you wished, and yet you’re still somehow upset with the President?

In fact, some would go so far as to say President Trump granted Moore his wish.


The question now is, has the bacon fat started seeping into his brain or is Michael Moore just a typical Hollywood hypocrite?

You tell us!

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