President Trump Calls Bernie Sanders a Communist

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>> Where’s hunter? He made millions of dollars, he went from having no job, no income. He had nothing. As you know, he had a very sad experience in the military. He had nothing. To making millions and millions of dollars a year. Not just from Ukraine, but from China and from other countries. How can you do this? This is crooked as Hell. What they did is very dishonest.

HANNITY: “Bernie Sanders.”

TRUMP: “Well, I think he’s a communist. Look, I think of communism when I think of Bernie. Did he get married in Moscow?”

HANNITY: “I think the honeymoon.”

TRUMP: “Well, you don’t think of Moscow and honeymoon, but I think of him as a socialist but far beyond a socialist. At least he’s true to what he believes one thing. Because you mentioned Elizabeth Warren. Everything is a fairy tale. That’s how Pocahontas got started she can’t tell the truth.”

>> Sean: Michael Bloomberg.

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